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Expanding Gummy Bears!

February 2023

How do you grow a gummy bear?  Year 5&6 children now know!  Experimentation is the key to magic in science and our new science curriculum; Developing Experts is engaging, fun and bring the technical learning to life.  After learning about the heart, blood supply and movement of oxygen around the body.  Last week they discovered; Osmosis.  

Constructing the experiment the children chose 4 different liquids from; flavoured water, milk, salty water, sugary water, tea and cola.  They measured the gummy bears and then left them covered in the liquid for 48 hours.  As you can see they ended up 3-4cms long (30-40mm).  But how long were they to start?


At the beginning - 2.5cms.  The children expected (our hypothesis) was that the gummy bears in sugary liquids would expand the most; however they all did - the sugary ones slightly more.  And if you are wondering - no they did not eat them afterwards!