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Shrove Tuesday Fun

Two pancakes (or one that split)!  Did he catch both.......

On Monday 20th February the children of Nene Valley discovered the true meaning of pancake day in the Monday morning assembly.  Linking the 40 days of lent and fasting in Christianity to fasting in other religions.  They now know, the reasons behind Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday.  A pancake race was run in the hall.  The story goes that it originated way back in 1445, in the town of Olney in BuckinghamshireEngland. A woman was so busy making pancakes that she lost track of time. When she heard the church bells ringing for the Shrove Tuesday mass, she ran as fast as she could to make it, and arrived still carrying her pancake in the pan!

At playtime the children got an extra chance to flip a few pancakes and if you look closely there are lots of 'concentration' faces.  Not all the pancakes survived and the ones that did had an unusual topping of grit, leaves and dust! (Not to be eaten)