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Art & Design

At Nene Valley Primary School, our art curriculum has been designed to harness every child’s creativity. Our curriculum is sequenced, allowing for essential art knowledge and skills to build year on year. We aim for all of our children to know more, understand more and learn more, creating links to how art connects us with our past, helps us to embrace the present and can empower us to shape our future.  Our curriculum allows our children to focus and build on a range of art skills; printmaking, painting, illustration, drawing and sculpture. 

Through our carefully sequenced curriculum, we create links to other subject areas, nurturing each child’s creative thinking skills and enable them to learn through art as well as about art. At Nene Valley, we ensure out sketchbooks play a central role in encouraging our children to develop their personal creativity, curiosity and independence. Our curriculum allows our children to study art from a range of cultural contexts, including ‘The Greats’ and evaluate their work using art specific vocabulary.