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In Cuckoos’ we learn, we explore, we grow and we have lots and lots of fun.

I love being a cuckoo because we create lots of art with our friends.

Welcome to Cuckoos

Welcome to Cuckoos’ Class. We are the Year 1/2 mixed class and our teacher is Mrs Stainsby.  We also have Ms Reed, Miss Wilbert and Mrs Laud who help us with our learning. 

Changes moving from Reception to Year 1

We understand that the transition from the Reception style of learning, which includes a mix of teacher led and self-directed activities into Year One, can be quite challenging for some children.  There are some children who are ready for a more formal learning style, while others take a little while to fully adjust to the change.  As we are very experienced in managing this change, in the Autumn Term we try to give the Year One children some additional practical learning activities to help this process.  We also differentiate the amount of formal learning required and give extra support to those who need it.  Throughout Key Stage One, we try to plan learning opportunities that will seize the attention and build on the children’s interests.  You may find your child is more tired at the beginning of the year as they work to increase their stamina but pleased be reassured that the majority handle this change very well. Tapestry is no longer used in Phase 1/2 as we use other methods to record your child’s progress. 

Once your child reaches the age of 5 they will no longer receive free milk. If you would like your child to continue having milk, please contact the school office.

If you have any concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to see the class teacher.


Reading :  Your child will take home their school reading book each day. We ask that they spend time reading at home each day and record their reading within their Reading Record book. We ask that your child brings their reading book and Reading Record book to school each day.   They can do tests on Accelerated Reader after finishing their books if they have moved onto the Accelerated Reader scheme. Reading books will be changed on Mondays and Thursdays to allow them to be quarantined for a sufficient amount of time. 

Click here for more information on reading.

Spellings: Children in Year 2-6 have been given an assessment which will be repeated termly. This gives us a clear indication of strengths and weaknesses and specific areas that need more support. As part of our on-going teaching of spelling patterns and spelling rules, these will be addressed and taught in class. This will give us the opportunity to focus on individual gaps and any common misconceptions. We will provide feedback at parents meetings on specific areas of weakness and any specific spelling patterns/rules that your child needs support with. 

PE (PE kit)

PE will take place on Tuesday and Thursday. Please ensure that your child comes dressed in the appropriate kit on these days.

Please make sure that long hair is tied up on PE days, and earrings, if worn, are removed. 

Trips and Visits

In Years 1/2, we organise a range of trips and visits, each year. The aim of our trips is to supplement our children’s learning for that half term. They give our children real-life contexts for their topics.  

Cycle A

Spring 1 -

Church Visit

Spring 2 -


Summer 2 -

Woburn Safari Park

As part of our R.E topic ‘What makes a place special for Christians?’ the children will go on a tour of a local church. 

The children will visit the Railworld Wildlife Centre in order to find out more about locomotives and the history of trains.

As part of our ‘Creatures Great and Small’ topic, the children visit the Safari Park to find out about different animals.

Cycle B

Summer 1 – Mosque Visit

Summer 2 – Hunstanton Beach

In preparation for learning about ‘Muslim Special Places’, the children will visit and tour the inside of a mosque.

The children will visit Hunstanton beach as part of their learning about the seaside.

At the moment, all trips and visits are suspended, following Covid-19 guidelines. 

Class Assemblies and Performances

Year 1 / 2 Production:  At Christmas, we produce a nativity, full of songs, in which all children across the Phase take part. Please don’t miss it!  

 Class Assemblies :  In the Spring and Summer terms, we will present a class assembly to the parents/carers which takes place on a Friday at 3pm.  Look out for the dates!