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At Nene Valley our geography curriculum develops an understanding of the world and harnesses the children’s sense of place in the environment around them; creating a deeper understanding of the wider world.  We aim to nurture and promote a lifelong fascination and curiosity about the world in which they live, its people and their impact on the environment. Our geography curriculum is sequenced and progressive, equipping our children with key geographical knowledge and skills. Our children gain sequential knowledge of diverse places, people, resources, human and natural environments; together with a deep understanding of the Earth’s physical and human processes. 

As a result, geography is carefully mapped so that, at each phase, rigorous links are made between geographical concepts as well as other curriculum areas, fully equipping children with the knowledge and skills needed to progress. At Nene Valley our geography curriculum focuses upon enabling children to think as geographers, to investigate, explore, explain, question and think critically to inspire and address their curiosity about the earth and real-life issues